“Bart Moore embarks on a storied folk journey through history and beyond. He seamlessly transports listeners….to the land at the intersection of reality and fantasy…”_____Lori Stratton, The Stratton Setlist

“I’ve been listening to Moore’s songs for 20 years and he just gets better and better…” ____ Dan Levitin, author, The World in Six Songs and This is Your Brain on Music

Once a veteran of the San Francisco alt rock scene, Moore, a Michigan native, relocated to the Lansing area “to escape the Big City club scene and postpone ultimate deafness.” Eschewing his Les Paul for an acoustic guitar, he settled on a farm in nearby Grand Ledge and made himself a presence in the local clubs. From there he graduated to a more regional presence, playing brew pubs, outdoor events and festivals in Lower Michigan.  In 2017 he released his well-received debut album, Curse of Los Lunas, a nine-song effort that drew praise from Joel Selvin of the San Francisco Chronicle: “A big personality, with a character voice… someone who knows what to do with a song and what a song is supposed to do.  Love the guitar playing, rich and confident.” 

2022’s Graveyards, Wind & War, though often thematically dark and foreboding, received a decent slate of folk-radio airplay — a reflection of a more polished and broad palette of supporting musicians and sounds.  From Kevin Curtin of the Austin Chronicle“No one writes like Moore: setting scenes using peculiar lyrical details, tying slipknots in the human timeline so history intertwines with the present, and bringing death to life. All that comes into play on Graveyards, Wind, & War…”

A brighter, more playful concoction is Moore’s third album, Wild Flora.  Lyrically and thematically, Flora was guided by Moore’s more formative-year influences like Bob Dylan, Robyn Hitchcock, and early 70s Ian Anderson….musically, it pays homage to the Pogues, the Beatles and perhaps the Sam Bush-New Grass Revival collaborations of days gone by.  From UK reviewer David Jarman:  “Quirky folk/country/60’s pop/ psychedelia/west coast/western swing. This short collection of 9 songs, 5 under 3 minutes, the rest under 4 minutes, the third album release by Moore really does cover all these bases, and more to boot. Does it work? Well surprisingly it does, with Moore’s characterful vocals and scattergun lyrics a consistent thread.”