“Bart Moore’s third album, Wild Flora, is really something else; crazy, impudent singing and genius writing, a love for Ireland and nine tracks to make you laugh and shout with joy, from the opening ‘Molly Bloom’, ‘The Railyard Ghosts’, ‘God Is Just Plain Lazy’ and the beautiful closer ‘Mattie’s Song (She’s Walking On Time)’. His excellent band is to die for and Grant Flick executes some jaw-dropping violin – what an absolute corker. FolkWales verdict: Thumbs up!” ______ Mick Tems, Folkwales Magazine
WILD FLORA, My 3rd album, chronicles my passions for baseball and trains, God and dreams, distant stars, and Ireland in the spring….It was recorded from September 2023 thru January 2024 at Corey DeRushia’s Troubadour Recording Studio in the depths of Lansing, Michigan.  Featuring 8 fine guest musicians (playmates in the sandbox), Wild Flora was guided by my formative-year songwriter influences such as Bob Dylan, Robyn Hitchcock and early 70s Ian Anderson….musically, it pays homage to the Pogues, the Beatles and perhaps the Sam Bush-New Grass Revival collaborations of days gone by.   
“This is one of those albums where whatever song is playing is my new favorite, and they all seem to go by in a flash. Get to know this man and his music—Bart Moore is truly a unique talent.”  ______ Dino Dimuro, Pitch Perfect (named Top Album)
“Wild Flora is packed with eclectic music and relatable storytelling, making it feel both timeless and worthy of multiple listens. Bart Moore’s knack for blending evocative lyrics with diverse musical influences makes this album a memorable and enriching experience.” ____ Mesmerized (online magazine)

“No one writes like Moore:  Setting scenes using peculiar lyrical details, tying slipknots in the human timeline so history intertwines with the present, and bringing death to life.  All that comes into play on Graveyards Wind & War – not the endtimes music the title suggests, but a somewhat metaphysical singer-songwriter record presenting a vision both fantastical and dire – with your narrator being introduced on the album’s ultimate moment “I Will Go Where the Wind Blows.”  After listening to GW&W I sometimes feel like I read randomly selected chapters of 9 different books…good ones.” – Kevin Curtin, Austin Chronicle

In 2021 I released my 2nd CD, Graveyards Wind & War.  It’s the culmination of three-plus years from writing over 20 songs from 2019 thru early 2021, then culling those down to 9.

“Bart Moore’s Graveyards Wind & War embarks on a storied folk journey through history and beyond. He seamlessly transports listeners to Gettysburg, Dublin, and San Francisco while encountering the spirits of Winfield Scott Hancock, Chris Cornell, and – “Marcelena.” Immersed in acoustic introspection, the album’s memorable tales land at the intersection of reality and fantasy and explore the possibilities of the future.” – Lori Stratton, The Stratton Setlist

Graveyards Wind & War was recorded mixed & mastered from Sept 2021 thru April 2022 at Troubadour Recording in Lansing. Engineered by Corey DeRushia (Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellies, Mark Lavengood, Dangling Participles). 

“Bart Moore’s unique voice, rapid-fire strumming and surrealistic lyrics separate him from other folk and Americana artists.” –  Zachary Rush, Indie Music Reviews



My first CD, written and recorded over three years and mixed & mastered at Troubadore Recording.  Released in 2017.